Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Needle Book...Something I Never Knew I Really Wanted!

I was taking a break from work the other day, which means I was allowing myself the pleasure of a few minutes on Pinterest, and came across a photo of some gorgeous felt needle books. I had never in my life thought of possessing one, let alone making one.  But suddenly, I was so inspired that I felt compelled to make one!  First, I decided to make one as a gift for my friend's daughter's first sewing basket.  Then, while I was cutting the pieces, my daughter told me that she desperately wanted one to put in her sewing basket, "when she gets one someday".  So I cut out a second one with a butterfly theme for her.  Since I was already making 2, I thought I might as well make one for myself as well!  It was easier to make 3 at a time, then to make them separately some day down the road.  It was a little needle book factory around here!

They were so fun and amazingly simple to put together.  Thanks to this wonderful tutorial I found!  I was happy to get to finally use some velvet. leather, and felt appliqu├ęs that I had bought years ago at VV Rouleaux, one of my favorite shops in London.

Since I finished mine, I have used it every day.  Usually, I can never find a needle when I need one, and I thought the wonderful Chibi would solve that problem, but then I lost it, so the needle book is helping me to keep track of the needles in a beautiful way.  Hopefully, I will find my Chibi one day, and incorporate it into the needle book with a loop of elastic.  Now, I am thinking of making a larger version to put crochet hooks in for traveling!  

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  1. So beautiful!! I think Pinterest could become a full time job. I have yet to get on without having to make a run to Jo Ann Fabrics for something!! LOL

  2. Thank you, Traci. I have discovered if you keep clicking on the "everything" button at the top of the Pinterest page, a whole new page of images comes up. So technically, you could stay on Pinterest forever! Happy crafting :-)

  3. Oh! I soo need to make one of these! Can never find my yarn needles when I need them. Always end up buying more.