Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Create a Bolder Crochet Bobble

These bobbles, were my favorite element in the "Shades of Grey" freeform necklace I posted about recently. I love them so much, I decided they needed their own post!

This is a technique inspired by the fascinating craft of Romanian Point Lace. It is a nice way to make a bolder bobble, and it is especially effective when done in more than one color. I think they look a little like mini pumpkins or something you might find in an undersea garden.

Make the bobble as follows:

Round 1: Chain 3, then make 8 double crochet stitches into the beginning chain. Slip stitch in beginning double crochet to end round.

Round 2: Slip Stitch in every other stitch around to close up the dome. Fasten off. (This is the bottom of the bobble).

Thread a yarn needle with desired color. Insert needle in the bottom of a bobble, then wrap around a double crochet stitch from bottom to top, making sure the double crochet is completely covered.

Wrap around next double crochet from the top to the bottom, making the same number of wraps as you did around the previous double crochet. Continue in this manner, alternating working from bottom to top and top to bottom of a double crochet, until all double crochet stitches in the bobble are covered. Neatly weave in all ends.