Friday, March 30, 2012

One More Way to Wear the Modern Jabot

I am always looking for alternate ways to wear my accessories, and I especially love when I can transform them into something totally new!  I decided to try combining two Modern Jabot's to see how they work together. I tied the ends together in a square knot, right where the fringe begins on each. Even though the colors schemes are different, I was surprised to find out how well I liked the color combination, and I can't wait to wear this to dress up some simple pieces in my wardrobe.  The modern jabot takes less than one skein of yarn, so it is a good project to use up yarn in your stash and make a fun accessory in a day.  The next thing I would like to try, is to make the band longer so it could be worn as a belt!

Here are 3 more ways to make the Modern Jabot pattern:

(In a fine sock yarn, it creates a delicate fringe)

(In a heavier weight sock yarn, it allows the loops to open up)

(In a chunky weight yarn, it becomes more of a warm scarf)

Interweave now has all of the patterns from the Fall 2011 issue, for sale individually on their website. The Modern Jabot pattern is available as a pdf download, for $5.50 from the Interweave Store. I have also done blog posts on how to block the jabot for best results, as well as how to alter the pattern for chunky weight yarn. If any of you end up making one, I would love to see how you wear yours!


  1. Love it. My 365 Ways to Wear Crochet project has me fiddling with alternative styles for each item so I love that you share these ideas!

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