Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Vintage Crochet Hat Inspiration!

I have been into designing hats again, and looking in vintage crochet books for inspiration.  I found so many incredibly creative hats, that I had to share some of the photos. You may remember a previous post that I did on vintage hats. I have collected so many wonderful photos, I hope you don't mind a second post with a few more of them!

When hats were at the height of fashion, they were true fashion statements. So spirited and and full of personality. If people were willing to wear hats like these, the sky was the limit on designing! I am striving to create hats that are modern and wearable, but have an interesting twist or detail. I would like to design hats that could be worn anywhere, that are more fashionable than casual, and still comfortable.  Now that I have set the challenge for myself, and have plenty of inspiration...I am off to see where my hook takes me!

Who would have thought that 2 triangles sewn together could make such an elegant hat!

Possibly inspired by a satellite dish?

The way the small discs are placed, they look like they should move around for better reception!

I love the way the highlighted the sparkle from the beads. I think this style has some great possibilities and could look quite modern if styled right. I wish I could see it in color to know exactly what the variegated yarn looked like.


  1. Thank you Marie! I am glad you like them:-)

  2. The one you refer to as "inspired by a satellite dish" makes me think of the Jetsons!