Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I Do With My Crochet Leftovers

I have mentioned before that I often make more scrumbles than I can use for a project, but they are never wasted. Often the leftovers are an introduction to my next project! I find I can be more creative when using leftover pieces, because nothing is planned, I get to use things from different projects which include different fibers and techniques. This Brooch for example, has felt flowers I created for some rings, leaves from a mixed media necklace, and some sequined strands I made as an experiment. I usually make jewelry or greeting cards with these extra scrumbles, since they don't require a great quantity.
My crochet leftovers aren't always scrumbles! I have leftover ideas when I am designing patterns as well. A few weeks ago I was designing a hat, and the top of it wasn't working out for the hat but I really liked the way it looked. A week later, it was transformed into a scarf design. I do my best work when I don't have a definite picture in my mind of what the design will look like. These kinds of projects are really fun. It is like reading a good book and enjoying the story as you go along, while looking forward to the ending.

My daughter also enjoys my bag of leftover scrumbles. Today she got them out and arranged some of them into a design for a tote bag. If there were more wool scrumbles, I would have her try needle felting them together, since she prefers that to sewing. There is a lot of entertainment in that bag!

Close up of one of the leaves. A leaf shape was cut out of net, then a buttonhole stitch was embroidered around the edge . Finally, the leaf was crocheted around, working into the buttonhole stitches.

Close-up of the sequined fringe strands, which also have small felt discs used like sequins.