Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Yarn!

When I am in between crochet projects, I will be spinning with a drop spindle! I learned a little about spinning in high school, and hadn't really thought about picking it up again until I attended the Black Sheep Gathering, last year. All of the beautiful spindles on display were so alluring. I had to have one! I bought an inexpensive one since I didn't know how much I would like spinning. I also purchased some roving and a how to video from Interweave. A whole year passed, and I didn't touch the spindle. I wanted to, but was just too busy crocheting to learn something new! Last month when I was in Oregon, I had the opportunity to take a beginning spinning class at the Eugene Textile Center. It was a great introduction, and got me started. I was hooked! I need more practice, but it is great to have a portable project to pick up that is relaxing, and requires no figuring or counting!

I ended up buying a more expensive spindle as I didn't have one with me for the class. It really is worth the money to get a good one. The one I bought was made by Ken Ledbetter, who is a spinner himself. When you give it a twirl, it spins so smoothly and is very balanced.  I really noticed a difference from the cheaper spindle I started on.

Today I taught my daughter how to spin. She liked it so much, she watched the Interweave video with me. Now I wish I had bought more roving, since it looks like I will have to share mine!


  1. Thanks Linda, I think so too. The only bad thing is, it might take me away from my crochet a little!

  2. Beautiful! Ken really puts a lot of thought, care and creativity into his spindles. And he's a nice guy too :)