Thursday, August 23, 2012

Multimedia Crochet...Adding a Little Decoupage

When I have the chance to do freeform crochet, I love to do multi-media pieces. I save found objects and unusual materials for this. How to incorporate them is an interesting challenge! Above, is a close-up of part of a necklace I did for a jewelry exchange. In the scrumbles, I used chenille and elastic that I found in the fishing section of a sporting goods store. I also used some leather scraps that my grandmother gave me. She used to save interesting odd bits of leather. I think this might have been from an old belt of my grandfather's. I decided to use it as a background for the decoupaged domes I made.

Here is how I made the domes: I started with some wooden pieces I bought from Michaels. Then, I cut out small things from magazines and catalogs that I thought coordinated with the necklace scrumbles. Next, I glued them onto the wooden pieces and put several layers of decoupage paste on top, until the edges of the paper had disappeared and they had smooth surfaces. Finally, I glued the domes onto the leather pieces, then onto the necklace.

I have also made buttons this way, by using plain plastic buttons as a base. They are fun to make, and really make the project unique.

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