Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Crochet a Super Slip Stitch Cord

I love discovering different ways of making crochet cords. One of my favorite ways to make a neat, flat cord, is to make a chain and then slip stitch into the back loops of the chain. I have used this in several of my designs, such as the Modern Jabot, Tendril Wrap, Vine Lasso Necklace, and Chinois Scarf.

Recently, I have discovered how to make a rounder version of this cord, which looks especially good when crocheted in a super chunky yarn. The following, is a tutorial on how to make this cord.

Step 1: Make a chain slightly longer than the length of the cord you desire.

Step 2: Slip stitch in the back loop only of each of the chains. Stop here if you want a narrow flat cord.

Step 3: Turn to work on other side of cord and slip stitch in the front loops of each of the beginning chains.

Step 4: Slip stitch the outermost loops together. I have marked the stitches in the photo below, so you can see exactly which loops I am referring to. Insert hook into the first front loop and then the corresponding back loop. Yarn over hook and pull through all 3 loops on hook. Repeat with remaining stitches to end of cord.


  1. I have made this twice now. Once for a camera case and once for a water bottle carrier. It is a much simpler technique than any of the other crochet cord tutorials I found on line and wears very well.

  2. I haven't done this yet, but it looks great so am looking forward to trying it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. This is cool, but just as an FYI, did you know there's a method that does all three rows in essentially one step? It involves drawing up a loop in each of 3 (or 4) chains, then you remove all but one (and hang on to them). pull up a loop in the one on the hook, and each of the loops you're holding on to. You're now back to 3 (or 4) loops on the hook -- with all three steps completed in one pass. :-)

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  4. Makes a great draw cord for the neck of a jumper. Thank you.