Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me, a New Domain For the Blog!

Well, yesterday was my birthday and I couldn't think of a thing that I wanted or needed. Then, it hit me. I need yarn storage and I want a proper blog domain! I found a place in my studio that I could put wooden cubby holes for yarn, and my lovely husband said he could build them. When that project is complete, I will post about it, and hopefully my yarn will be organized and easy to access!

Today's news is about the blog domain. I have thought about getting a customized domain for a long time, but I always thought it would be complicated since I have had the blog for a while. It turns out, it is as simple as paying $10.00 a year. Blogger takes care of the rest! I read many posts this morning about how important it is, for a professional blog, to lose the from your web address. I decided to listen, and the above is my new address!  It is like moving into a new home and getting married all in one day! The good thing is that Blogger packs and moves all your blog posts, but still keeps them available at their old addresses as well! My biggest fear was that my old blog posts and new blog posts would be divided. I have been having fun changing my name all over the web. It reminded me of changing my name when I got married. This turned out to be a great job for me, as it is my 15th wedding anniversary today!

Here's to hoping this new address will be easy to remember, and bring even more readers to follow my crochet adventures!