Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More About the Monarch Necklace

Pictured above, is the original version of the Monarch Necklace. I submitted this version to Tangled Magazine, and when they accepted the design, they asked that I remake the necklace in colors that went with the theme of that particular issue. They wanted it to be in pink, green, and orange. When I tried making the necklace in those colors, I found it completely changed the personality of the necklace. We came to a compromise, and I ended up making bright orange motifs with a black background. For me, the black background is a key element in this necklace. I experimented with many lighter background colors (I have a whole bag of samples to prove it!), and I kept going back to the black.

The color scheme of the original is still my favorite. I think it has an Asian feel, and the green links remind me of jade. The other element that I feel is important for this necklace to be a success, is the variegated thread used for the motifs. I think it adds interest and depth.

The moral of this story, is that color tells the story and color can change the story very quickly!