Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Caravan Scarf From Crocheting Clothes Kids Love

There are about 2 weeks until the official release of Crocheting Clothes Kids Kids Love! I am practically counting the minutes!

Some of the projects in the book were ideas I had been dreaming about before I knew I was going to write a book. The Caravan Scarf is one of them. I adore triangular scarves and think they look so stylish, especially when worn with the bottom corner in the front, as shown above. I also love unusual trims and fringes, and was inspired by scarves I have seen that are edged with metal coins. I combined both things to make a really fun, unique scarf that could easily be made larger for an adult by crocheting more rows. A darker colorway would also add sophistication. You could leave off the coin fringe if you want a simpler version. In future blog posts I will tell you  more ways you can use the patterns in the book to make accessories for adults.

My 7 year old daughter loves to have accessories that match mine. When I can, I love to adapt my adult patterns to work for children. Some of my favorite adaptations are the Girl's Tendril Wrap, Girl's Echelon Hat, and Little Genevieve's Belt.

This was the first project I made for the book. I was so enamored with Classic Elite's Liberty Wool Light yarn, that I couldn't wait to work with it and see how the colors were going to come out. It really is a surprise in every row! I spent such a long time trying to chose which color I wanted to order for this scarf. When you see the color selection, you will know what I mean. It was almost impossible to choose one, they are all so beautiful! I am seriously considering ordering more colorways of this yarn, because it is really so gorgeous and lovely to crochet with. I would love to see how each colorway comes out in the scarf. The pattern is easy to memorize, so you can just have the fun of making the stitches and seeing what color comes up next!

I was surprised when I opened the box, to find that each skein of a colorway appears so different! I had to check the color numbers on each skein's label to be sure they were the same! You have to decide which skein to start with, based on the color you want to have at the middle of the top of the scarf. You can't really go wrong when the colors are as stunning as these!
2 Skeins of color #6690 Ultra Violet Autumn
Another Way to Wear the Scarf
One of My Favorite Embellishments: the Lazy Daisy Embroidery Stitch

Actual yardage used for this project: Liberty Wool Light= 319m or 349 yds, Millamia “Fuschia”= 42.5m/ 46.5 yds and “Claret= 25m/ 27 yds.

Stayed tuned to my blog for a future blog post about a another very cute use for this pattern!


  1. This scarf is even prettier in person! I had it in my office for a time. The details and special features for this project and all the others in the book are just delightful! I know readers are going to love this new book by you and Ellen Gormley. Congratulations!
    Linda Neubauer, CPi editor

  2. Thank you Linda! You are a wonderful editor to work with, and you made the book writing process go so smoothly. I can't wait for the book to be out, so I can share all of the projects and details!