Sunday, February 9, 2014

Colors and Meanings Crochet Competition and Exhibition in Kuwait

I was asked by Kuwait's crochet group, Khayt, to judge their crochet competition along with Hanan Al Kazemi and Mona Al Subaie, at the Sadu House. It was a great honor, and I really loved every minute of it. It was an interesting process because the entries weren't divided into any categories, and we were judging for the most creative, best design, and best technique. We had to define what creativity, design, and technique meant to each of us before we could start judging. It was a very difficult choice, because all of the entrants really put their hearts into their projects. The theme was Kuwait's National day, and most of the entries were inspired by Kuwait's flag. Even the ribbons coordinated with the theme: the traditional blue for first place was changed to green, to match Kuwait's flag. There was a nice variety of items from hats and scarves to garments, and even a lampshade! There was a lot of thought put into each item, so judging was tough, but in the end, I am really happy with the choices we made. All of the entries are on display in the "Colors and Meanings Exhibition" through Monday February 10, from 9-12 in the morning and 5-8 in the evening. They are also having a bazaar to sell handmade items with a National Day theme. It is a wonderful exhibition in honor of Kuwait, and I urge anyone who is able, to attend! While you are there, you can vote for your favorite entry for the People's Choice Award. For more photos from the event, including the awards ceremony, see the Sadu House's Facebook page. There is also an article about the competition and exhibition in the Kuwait Times, today.

Meanings and Colors Exhibition (Photo by Muna Murad)

Here are the winners:

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