Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Largest Crocheted Flag in the World is KUWAITI!

Kuwaitis and even expats who live in Kuwait have a strong sense of national pride, and each year the celebration seems to get bigger. Everywhere you look there are the colors of the flag, in any type of souvenir or item of clothing you can imagine! 

Today is Kuwait's National Day, and the highlight this year for me was meeting the creator of the Watan Al Nahar group, crochet expert Bashayer Al Zwayed, and some of the groups members who made the largest crocheted flag in the world. When they told me about it, I imagined something very large, but when I saw the actual flag displayed at 360 mall, I actually gasped at the actual size of it, and how grand it is. At a distance, you can't tell that it is crocheted, but when you get close to it, a sense of awe comes over you as you ponder the thousands of stitches worked by the hands of 172 women volunteers! On the back, individual crocheters put their names on the squares they made, making the flag even more special.

It took a full year to make. They began in January 2013, and completed it in January 2014. It is made up of 900 squares, measures 22 x 11 meters (24 yards x 12 yards), weighs more than 160 kg (353 lbs), and has a total area of 300 cubic meters! It will be on exhibition through February 28th. After the exhibition, the group plans to give the flag to his Highness the Emir of Kuwait.

Such an amazing accomplishment by a group of dedicated crocheters who love the country they live in! Happy National Day, Kuwait!

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