Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Favorite Finishing Touch...Pom Poms!

I have always loved pom poms! When I was sketching designs for Crocheting Clothes Kids Love, I decided on the pom poms before I even knew what they were to go on! In the end, I chose them as the perfect finishing touch for the Hopscotch Legwarmers. I used "Pacific" by Cascade Yarns to make them, and I found out that this yarn makes the most gorgeous pom poms! Whenever I need to make more for any project in the future, it will be my go-to yarn! The colors are so vibrant, and there is a beautiful softness and sheen to the yarn, which becomes apparent when the yarn strands are separated and fluffed up.

I also love Clover products, and I have their pom pom makers in all sizes. I wasn't sure which one to use for the legwarmers so I made a few samples. Just as in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the First one I made was too large, the second too small, and the third was just right!

The Clover Pom-Pom Maker
The Three Sample Pom Pom Sizes
Ellen Gormley and I encourage all readers of our book to take the patterns and make them their own. That includes taking an element of a pattern and using it in a completely new way. For example, giant pom poms made in the same manner as those in the book, could be used to embellish a solid color version of Ellen's mittens from the book, or even to jazz up a pair of simple shoes, as shown below. Now that I say: "A pair of shoes", I think I would like them on ALL of my shoes!

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