Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review: The Fine Art of Crochet

I was honored when the wonderful Gwen Blakely Kinsler asked me to review her stunning new book: The Fine Art of Crochet. Being the founder of the Crochet Guild of America, and crochet advocate, Gwen is the perfect person to write this book. This book is a new way of looking at the art of crochet, and how it has been elevated to a new level in modern times. 

One of things I loved about the book, is that Gwen actually traveled the country to personally interview the artists in the book. By being in their studios, she got a true sense of the type of creators they are.

Crochet has grown, evolved, and developed over the past 50 years, and has been used in many ways. It is attractive to artists because it can be 3 dimensional as well as molded into a desired shape. Crochet allows you to create as you go, and it is easy to manipulate. It is really amazing that one can create such elaborate forms with such a simple tool- the crochet hook.

This book gives you an interesting overview of the history and journey of crochet, as well as a detailed profile about each of the 20 artists. Their detailed profiles explain why they like to use crochet as a medium, their experience with crochet, and how they work. Following each profile, you will find photos of their incredible, inspiring work. Below are photos of some of my favorite pieces from the book:

"Oil Flowers" By Jerry Bleem
"I Crochet Portland" By Jo Hamilton
"Spiritual Love" By Tracy Krumm
"The Network" By Kathleen Holmes
You will find that The Fine Art of Crochet is an eye-opener. It sheds new light on the art of crochet and shows us that there are infinite ways to use crochet. Each one of the artist's stories are fascinating, and after reading the book, you will think more about your own reasons for loving crochet, and it will inspire you to approach your crochet from a new perspective.

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