Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Launching Our New Crochet Jewelry Kit!

My husband( eWood Woodworking) and I, are combining our crafts to create items that are a mix of fiber arts and woodworking. We call our collaboration: eWoodStory. I am so thrilled to announce that our first collaboration, the Nouveau Necklace Kit, will be launched at the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire!

This kit includes a frame cut from special thin sheets of exotic wood, silky microfiber variegated yarn, written instructions, a stitch diagram, and a yarn needle that is just the right size for stitching the crocheted background to the wooden frame.  The necklace looks equally good a little longer, so there is enough yarn included in the kit to make the longer version if you wish.

We have carefully chosen wood and yarn to create a variety of kits in different color combinations. We have 5 types of exotic wood and 4 color variations. Each hank of yarn has a unique distribution of colors and each piece of wood has its own natural grain, so each necklace is a one of a kind. I chose this yarn because the colors remind me of natural stones, and the colors vary and change in a way similar to colors in nature.

Wood Choices from Top to Bottom:
Kiri, Silky Oak, Red Cedar, Laurel, Rosewood 

We have produced these kits in Kuwait, and have a limited number of them to sell while we are in America in the month of August. You can purchase them through our Etsy shop, and in Kuwait at the Sadu House gift shop.


  1. Wow! Shelby those are awesome! I wish I was going to be there...I'd get one for my mom and each of my sisters to give as gifts this Christmas. Let me know if there's somewhere I can order them in the future.

  2. Thank you so much, April! I will see that you are able to get kits, even If I mail them from Kuwait! :-)

  3. This is amazing! !! I would love to be able to get one to make! Please let me know if you will be making these available for purchase outside of the show!