Friday, January 9, 2015

My Guest Appearance on the New Season of Knitting Daily TV!

I am excited to announce that the new season of Knitting Daily TV is launching this month, and I had the honor of being a guest on the Space to Space segment on episode 1406- the Accessories episode. 
I got to do the interview from my workspace in Kuwait! The host, Vickie Howell, and I talked a little bit about how I love designing crochet accessories, and also about the Nouveau Necklace kits that my husband and I are making for our eWoodStory line. We are really thrilled that Vickie wore one of our necklaces on the show!

Also on the Accessories episode: Dorinda Balanecki shows how to incorporate crystal buttons, Louisa Demmitt, demonstrates how to make warm and stylish mittens, Tanis Gray adds texture with the oyster stitch, and Vickie Howell, shares a stranding technique to make a cozy cowl.

To find out when Knitting Daily TV will be airing in your area, visit this page, and you can find links to previews of all of the episodes here. Just click on an episode to read a full description, and find the link to the video preview.

You Tube Preview of the Accessories Episode-1406

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