Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A True Tale of a Crochet Designer: The Book That Almost Was...

Today I have a little story to tell about what could have been my second book! Shortly after finishing Crocheting Clothes Kids Love, I got an email that was the kind of email I dream of getting! It was from an editor who asked me to be the curator of the first in a new series of Crochet Books they were hoping to produce. It was to be 30 quick projects with a heart theme. I would get to choose the designers and designs, and contribute my own designs as well, and get to decide what exactly would be included in the book. I was really excited about the idea, as I love scouting for talent, and since I used to be an art department director, I felt this was a great fit for me! I put together a list of designers, and the editor contacted them to ask who would be interested in submitting. I was thrilled that the majority of the designers that we asked said yes, so we moved onto the next stage, which was to create a small portion of the book, and the book cover, so it could be presented at international book fairs to see if any publishers were interested in the book. There was some interest, but unfortunately no one agreed to publish the book, so the project was scrapped.

The company I was working with gave me permission to share some of the photos of the book mock-up, here on my blog. Seeing the cover was such fun for me, and I love the necklace I designed for the book, so I am happy that I can at least share the photos with you! The free heart ring pattern I released before Valentines Day, was one of the designs I had worked up for the book. That pattern wasn't in the mock-up, so I was able to publish it on my own. 

As one door closes another door of opportunity opens. Hopefully the next time I share a book cover with you, it will be a true reality!


  1. Aw.I was wondering whatever happened to that project. Was a fun idea!

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