Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The eWoodStory Featured Artists Series

We are excited about all of the possible uses for our eWoodStory Mini Masterpiece frames, and we wanted to do something to celebrate them. We have started a Featured Artists Series on our Instagram account. We are constantly on the lookout for artists who work in different mediums to create pieces for us to share and inspire others. We feature their work, along with a bio that helps us take a closer look at how they work and how they came to be artists. It is a nice way for more people to discover the work of different artists. So far we have featured works in freeform crochet, hand embroidery, free motion embroidery, and needle felting. There are also more pieces in the works, in different mediums, coming soon. It is so much fun seeing the frames come to life with beautiful creations. The artists have used them to make necklace pendants, ornaments, and key chain fobs. If you would like to see the artists frames that we have featured so far, we have started a flickr gallery just for the series. It will be updated whenever we receive a new piece. If you click on a photo, you will be able to see the bio of each artist in the comments section. 

It is our greatest hope that these pieces will connect people, and inspire more Mini Masterpieces to be made!

If you would like to see more completed frames visit our main flickr gallery, and visit our Etsy shop to see the frames we have available.


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