Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Swanky Purse for Interweave Crochet Accessories

I have been really enjoying designing purses. A purse is an accessory that you almost never leave the house without. Since purses are so essential, they are really worth investing your time in making them. The great thing is, it can also be fun to make, as there are endless special details you can add to a purse to give it personality!

I wanted to make a bag that would show off a beautiful skein of variegated yarn, be the perfect size, an interesting shape, and have a unique closure. This project is the perfect project for a skein of variegated yarn with colors that you really want to showcase, as it is framed in the front by a complementary solid color, and the back is made entirely of the variegated. Of course you can always switch the variegated and solid yarn sections around, if you would prefer the solid color to be more prominent. I made a few paper patterns of the purse to get the size and shape just right. It is tall enough to hold a variety of things, but not so tall that you can't find what is inside the purse! The bow knot never needs to be untied. You simply slip it through the buttonhole in the flap.

I have to mention the handles! The handles are stitched in a way that they won't stretch too much when you have things in the purse- this is an area that I feel that crocheted purses can be weak, so I was careful to make the handles strong. 

Every purse needs a secret...this purse has a secret pocket that is just the right size for business cards or a grocery list! It is formed when you stitch the flap to the back of the purse

I hope to see many Swanky Purses made in different color combinations! Please don't forget to add your project to Ravelry if you make one!

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