Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Architect Scarf for Interweave Crochet Accessories

The Architect scarf was designed as an experiment on how effective a piece made up of small elements can be. There are two main elements in this scarf: the blocks, and chain links. There are two sizes of chain links, so there are three different things to crochet to make the body of the scarf. The blocks are crocheted first, then the blocks are joined together with the chain links. This scarf could be unisex depending on the colors used. It is also suitable for children, as the length can be customized depending on how many blocks you make. 

An interesting cowl could be made by crocheting just a few blocks. You could also make a lovely wrap by adding another two rows of blocks. A stunning necklace could also be made using pearl cotton instead of yarn. With a foundation of building blocks, many things can be made! It is a great, "on the go" project, since all of the pieces are simple, small, and crocheted separately. 

Crocheted links have been a popular theme in my work. Below are some of my designs featuring links:

Clockwise from top left: Monarch Necklace, Bella Necklace, Charming Bracelet, Cherry Blossom Necklace, Chinois Scarf, Charming Necklace, Plaid Wristlet Purse.

My love of chain links will carry on, and I feel certain that they will be incorporated into more of my designs in the future!


  1. I enjoy reading about the thought processes behind your designs. The colour palette on your plaid wristlet purse appeals to me very much but I like the other colours you have chosen in your projects here as well. I must organise myself to purchase the Interweave Accessories editions online because we get the regular seasonal magazine issues but never the accessories on the news-stands here in South Australia.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Jodiebodie. They often have sales on these special issues on their website :)