Thursday, March 23, 2017

Springtime Petals Crochet Collar!

There is about a week left of National Crochet Month, and I hope you all have been crocheting to your hearts content! 

I had over 900 downloads of the Petals Collar Pattern this month, and I am hoping to see lots of project photos on Ravelry! 

The first project photos were posted last week, and it the collar is so pretty, I asked the maker, Mimouna, if I could share her photos with you. Thankfully she graciously agreed! She says she is a newbie crocheter, and you would never know it from her beautiful work!

I just love how the collar looks in purple, and her photo really celebrates spring!

I would really love to see more versions of the collar, so anyone who makes one, please post your photos!


  1. Beautiful! I was gonna ask how you managed to find purple flowers like that here in Kuwait. Now I see it's elsewhere in the world. :) Certainly doesn't look like she's a newbie.

    1. Her work is lovely isn't it Tammy! I would love to see such beautiful purple flowers in Kuwait!

  2. How nice to see my collar on your blog! It is such a beautiful pattern.

    The purple flowers grow in Norway. ;)

    1. Thank you for letting me share your beautiful project photos on my blog, Mimouna!

      I hope to visit Norway one day to see such beauty! :-)