Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Spinerations...The Latest Fiber Adventure!

eWoodStory is a collaboration between me and my woodworker husband, and it was only a matter of time until I found a way to collaborate with our daughter, Sara! 

In my weaving work, I found that my favorite yarns were handspun with beautiful textures and color blends. That led me to spinning my own yarn, and my daughter joined in my quest for spinning knowlege. It is the activity we like to do most together, so we thought why not make it into a business!

We have just launched our new project, Spinerations, two generations a mother and daughter duo, spinning our hearts out! Our mission is to create unique yarns for modern weaving. We each have different spinning styles which are a reflection of our personalities. If you are interested in following our fiber adventure, please visit our account! We will be posting about our creative yarn making experiments in our "Yarn Lab" posts, as well as spinning challenges we take on, to showcase our unique spinning styles. We would love it if you would follow our fiber adventures on Instagram!

Handspun scraps of Sadu Yarn were recycled and spun into new yarn!

Sara and I will each use the same fibers in our own way to create yarns in our own styles!


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