Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Combining Crochet, Wood, & Embroidery!

I keep developing my mixed media style to incorporate techniques I love into unique jewelry pieces. This time, I decided to make mini versions of some of our eWoodStory Modern Stitchable Pendant shapes for the Sadu House Shop in Kuwait. These pendants were inspired by the patterns in traditional Sadu weaving. I crocheted the backgrounds for each shape, then embroidered the design on top of the crochet. I made 21 of these, and no two are exactly alike! That shows how much inspiration can be taken from traditional patterns! I especially love how they look as a collection, cohesive in color and similar in pattern, makes them interesting to look at!


  1. No two alike - that is precisely what I love and value about handmade goods.

    After seeing photos and reading descriptions, the Sadu House shop is a beautiful place that I want to visit one day.

    It is so interesting to read about your inspirations for your designs. It makes ownership of your pendants so much more meaningful. Beautiful work.

    1. Thank you Jodiebodie! I hope one day you will visit the Sadu House shop and museum! :-)

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