Saturday, October 19, 2019

Crocheting on a Cracker...Looking at Snacks with New Eyes!

I thought I had tried stitching into everything in the house that had holes in it, but Crochet! magazine inspired me to try something a little crazy. Crocheting on a cracker! It was a fun exercise in patience in creativity! I had to handle it very delicately, but the cracker was stronger than I thought it would be. After seeing the Facebook post by Crochet! magazine, I immediately wanted to try this and went to my kitchen looking for crackers with holes in them. I was thrilled that I had Tuc crackers on hand,because I was able to embroider the name as well! 

Now, what to do with an embellished cracker? I may try setting it in resin as one of the posters suggested on the Facebook post... Stay tuned!

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