Monday, September 16, 2019

Playing with Scale- A Larger Stone Crochet Necklace!

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry lately is the Single Stone Necklace. I have really been enjoying wearing it, and one day it occurred to me that it would be fun to have a larger version that would be even more of a statement necklace! 

The original version is crocheted in a sock yarn, and in order to make a larger version, I switched to a worsted weight yarn. I was fortunate to have grey ombre yarn in my stash. It is one of those yarns that I only bought one skein of years ago, and now I wish I had bought several! I followed the original pattern instructions, but moved up to a size E/4 crochet hook. The only other change I made was to slip stitch back into the chain made for the necklace cord, to make it stronger and to match the scale of the stone. I am looking forward to wearing this one!

Original Version vs. New Larger Version


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