Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Beautiful Turkish Crochet!

My sister-in-law traveled to Turkey again this year, and brought back another crochet treasure! She graciously allowed me to photograph it so I could show it to all of you. She said she found it in a little shop in Istanbul that was filled with amazing crochet pieces that have been made by women in villages. I can only imagine what a wonderful sight that all must have been!

The fabric of the scarf is a light weight cotton and all the crochet is done with a fine silky thread. It is the same thread that was used in the necklace and trim she bought for me on previous trips. It is like an infinity scarf, as it is in one loop that you wrap around twice. What I found most interesting about the piece, is that all of the flowers are heavily starched to hold their shape.

Turkish crochet edgings are an art form, and the edging on this piece is akin to the crown jewels! I really need to plan a visit to Turkey. There is no doubt that the crochet inspiration there would be incredible!

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