Friday, May 16, 2014

First Projects from Crocheting Clothes Kids Love!

Now that Crocheting Clothes Kids Love has been out for a little while, projects made from patterns in the book are starting to appear on Ravelry and Instagram. It is wonderful when crocheters post their photos! I was excited to see the Pretty Popcorn Vest worn by a little older girl, and styled differently to the one in the book. Lara Thornberry has made the vest and the Chelsea Capelet, which she lengthened to be more of a sweater vest, for her adorable daughter. She did a beautiful job on these and her daughter is such a lovely model!

Pretty Popcorn Vest
Chelsea Capelet as a Sweater Vest

Suad Murad, was inspired to make the entire trio of hairbands from the book! The Bow Band, Polka Dot Band, and Daisy Band, which are so well done! It is interesting to see the projects made up in different colors as well.

I am looking forward to seeing more and more photos posted, as people complete projects from the book. Seeing that people are using the book and making beautiful things, is the most rewarding part of writing it!


  1. Thanks Shelby - Clare was thrilled to see herself up on your blog! Still deciding what I will crochet next.

  2. Lara, Clare is an absolute doll, and I am thrilled that she is the first to model projects made from the book! Thank you so much for letting me use your wonderful photos!

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