Friday, May 30, 2014

More About the Roundel Scarf

I thought it might be interesting to share with you my original vision for the Roundel Scarf from the It Girl Crochet book, since it is a little different from the final book sample. One of the differences, is that my original swatch included 4 colors. Sharon Zientara, the author, changed the color scheme and decided she wanted the scarf to be made in only 3 colors, so I had one less color for the circles. After I finished crocheting the sample, I felt it needed some embellishment. I decided to add the embroidery to the centers of the large circles. That little detail made all the difference to the look of the scarf, and it balanced the color distribution. That is why I love to embellish my crochet work with embroidery!

Close-up Showing the Embroidery Detail
My original name for the scarf was the "Marbles Scarf". The photo below was my inspiration. I thought it would be interesting to choose variegated yarns for the circles, so they would look like marbles. I am going to be searching for variegated yarns that would emulate marbles when crocheted.  It is a simple change to the instructions, that will give the scarf a completely different look!

1 comment:

  1. I like better the three colour design – it's marvellous!

    I will try it with black, white and perhaps for third orange or light brown. I think it's a good choice. I have made a nice crochet with dark and a little lighter blue and green. This crochet I want to saw on a blue farmer-bag. What's your opinion?
    Have a nice day!