Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Roundel Scarf for It Girl Crochet!

It Girl Crochet by Sharon Zientara has just been released, and that means that I can finally talk about my Roundel Scarf that is in the book. Sharon sent the contributing designers the loveliest most thoughtful submission call for this book. Since I love designing accessories, this was an exciting email to receive! The original title of this book was Boutique Crochet, which led me in the direction of creating something you wouldn't be able to buy at a regular chain store. Something special and unique. Some of my favorite techniques are combined in this project, including embroidery embellishment, the coin fringe, and combining multiple elements. You might learn a few new tricks when making this scarf!

In the joining of the circles and crocheting the edging, the pattern often refers to the horizontal loop under the front loop of stitches in the circles. It is very important to the look of the finished scarf that you know where to locate this loop. 

I have made a sample marking the loops on the circle so you know exactly where to find the horizontal loops:
Front of Circle, illustrating the top two loops of the triple crochet
Side View, illustrating the the top two loops and the horizontal loops in orange
Back side of circle showing the location of the horizontal loops
Another view of the back side of the circle to show the location of the horizontal loops
I have another tip on how to keep your pieces organized when you are making this scarf, as well as some details of my inspiration and design process, over on the Crochet Me blog.
In my next blog post, I will talk more about my original vision for the scarf, and give you an idea as to how to give the scarf a different look. Stay tuned!

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