Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crochet memory lane

While cleaning out the future studio space, I came across a suitcase filled with all of my daughter's baby things that I have saved.  It hasn't been that long since she was a baby, but I have forgotten about so many things.  Including some things I crocheted for her!  My favorite thing is this bunting.  Here in Kuwait, they are very popular to carry new babies and to pass them around to adoring family and friends.

First, I selected the cheerful spotted fabric, and then I was lucky enough to find coordinating yarn colors in the same store.  Kuwait isn't known for its yarn shops, so this was very fortunate!  I sewed and quilted the main part of the bunting all by hand, since I have yet to buy a sewing machine. ( I am hoping to buy one to grace the studio once it is finished).  Then, I crocheted a shell edging and the hanging bits and bobs.  I think the combination of yarn and shaded pink pearl cotton work well together.  I might convert it into a bag by folding the top over (as shown in the photo above) and adding a strap and a button and loop closure.  For now, my daughter is enjoying using it for her baby dolls and marveling that she used to fit in it!


  1. Shelby, how truly sweet! I am so excited to see your blog!! Rachel

  2. Love that edging soooo much..real cute