Thursday, October 29, 2009

Romanian Point Lace

Until I saw a class offered through the Kuwait Textile Arts Association, I had never heard of the beautiful craft of Romanian point lace.  To begin, you must first crochet a cord,  then you baste it to a piece of fabric that has the design outline drawn on it. ("Sunshine's Creations" has generously put up a tutorial on her blog, if you are interested in learning how to make the cord) .  Finally, you fill in the spaces with various embroidery stitches.  The white sample is the piece that I made in the class.  The red variegated sample is one I did later as a color experiment.  I am planning to use this technique with yarn instead of thread to include in my freeform crochet work.  I haven't found too many resources about learning to make this type of lace.  However, there is a how-to video, with step by step instructions, available for sale here.  The best book I have seen is "Romanian Point Lace" by Angela Thompson and Kathleen Waller.  Unfortunately, it is out of print.  I was lucky to get a copy before it went out of print.  It must be rare, as the price of the book now, if you can find it, ranges from $199-$250.  It is a beautiful book.  If you see a copy at a reasonable price, snap it up!


  1. I am very glad to see that more people are interested in this exquisite European and very old type of Romanian Lace. A couple of ladies in the states and my self in Canada are trying to make this beautiful lace known throughout North American continent. You can visit my site at