Sunday, October 4, 2009

My studio mascot

Until the studio space is ready, I am putting together a collection of things for it.  When I was studying fashion design in London, I used to love to go to "jumble sales" on the weekends.  One lucky day, I came across a wonderful Needlecraft magazine from the 1950's.  Inside, there were embroidery transfers for  the cutest whimsical fairies, which is really why I bought the magazine and made a shawl that I still wear.  I will take photos of it for another blog post!

After I got it home, I discovered this "charming" yarn ad and I have saved it to hang in a special place.  I never knew where that would be until now.  I want to hang this yarn man in a prominent place to watch over me as I work.  Now, I just need to find a great frame for it!


  1. Hi Shelby,
    I love the yarn man.
    I'm looking forward to seeing that shawl.
    It would be great if you would set up your posts to post on your Facebook wall each time.
    I did it for mine (but haven't posted for a few months). However I can't remember how I did it.

  2. Thanks, Patricia!

    I will have to look into setting up a Facebook link. That might just be today's new blog trick!