Thursday, October 22, 2009

Studio colors!

I haven't finished cleaning out the studio space, but to keep myself motivated, I have bought some paint colors to try on the wall.  I know that I want a pear color.  I have chosen three different paints to sample. One is more green, one is more gold, and one is in the middle of the two.  I think the middle one (the largest sample) is my favorite.  I have mostly magnolia walls in my house, so I decided to splash out with some color in the studio!  I think the "Altogether Charming Wools" (yarn man) print will sit well on this color.  It is bright and cheerful, without being an obvious choice.  I can't wait to see the entire space painted.  I have to remember to take some "before" photos before it is too late!  Next, I get to decide on the flooring.  I am going to try to finish the cleanout this weekend.  Woodworking dirt requires a lot of cleaning...  I am keeping my eye on the big prize though!


  1. I like the middle one, although I hope it is a bit lighter than it appears in the picture. Despite the fact that I am a color junky; no white walls in my house. But I'd worry about the reflected green light causing problems when working with fiber/fabric colors.

  2. The colors aren't very accurate in the photo, unfortunately, I am going to observe them in a variety of light settings before I decide. They are all a little more green then they appear in the photo. You raise a good point about the color, I will take that into consideration. Thank you for visiting my blog, it is good to see you here!

  3. I like the big one too! I'm sure it will look great in whatever color. How exciting.